The Daemon Within

Book 2 of The Elements of Earthia Trilogy.

Nadyanelle and Az'ria are kidnapped and Faeolyn, Evelyn, and friends race against time to save them before they are lost to the enemy forever. Before they can reach them, however, Faeolyn comes face to face with the very queen of daemons herself and is defeated with a near fatal injury.

As Faeolyn begins her internal battle with the daemon hidden in the dark recess of her mind, Evelyn and a few others rush to get Faeolyn to Asilia, home of the legendary angelic healers. As Faeolyn's wounds are treated, Evelyn is faced with Faeolyn's powerful father and stands alone against him as he and his army of angels trap Evelyn, Faeolyn, and the allies in Asilia.

Though a small party continues on to rescue the kidnapped Elements, Az'ria and Nadyanelle are now in the mercy of one of the deadliest daemons in all of Eathia, Za'aras' right hand drakonian, Merik'z. Fear now keeps the young Elements trapped in the cage they are each placed in.

Meanwhile, back at Brynmor, Samanthya has a horrific vision that could very well be the ultimate fate of Earthia as the dark army approaches the Brynmorian gates once again, this time with Za'aras in the lead.

The daemons within and without are moving against our heroes and heroines. Will they have the strength and courage to overcome the daemons in time to save Earthia?

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The Dragon’s Prophecy

Book 1 of The Elements of Earthia Trilogy.

Faeolyn, Evelyn, Az'ria, and Nadyanelle are not sisters. They are not even sisters of the same race! Faeolyn is a mischievous angel who wants nothing more than to wield a sword. Gentle Evelyn is part elf, part dryad and given her lineage, is totally one with the trees. Az'ria is a fiery drakonian, a descendant of the dragons, with a past full of betrayal and captivity and as a result, will only use her claws and fangs to get her point across. Finally, sweet Nadyanelle is mysteriously part mermaid, a halfling yet to be encountered, who loves to sing and weave flowers. They don’t even have anything in common!

But suddenly, after escaping a band of mercenaries that destroyed their refuge and meeting a mystic dragon during their search for safety, they become sisters of the most important cause ever to come into existence: the salvation of the world.

They are the prophecized Elements, the chosen beings empowered with the ability to wield the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. Accompanied by a roughened warrior that acts as their weapons teacher, a Seeress as their guide, an escort of knights, and a band of thieves called the Spriggans, the four young women must conquer the demons of their past to not only bring the disheartened people of Earthia together, but battle a malevolent queen who threatens the delicate balance between good and evil and will stop at nothing in her quest for dominion.

But first things first, they will slap the humans senseless, until they change their foolish belief that women can’t fight!