Official March Bookmark Contest

Bookmark Contest: Elements Series 1

Want to win the following bookmarks, handmade by yours truly?

Element Series 1 BM1 Element Series 1 BM2 Element Series 1 BM3

Materials: Cold press watercolor paper, watercolor paints, and Indian black ink.  Note: the bookmarks are slightly warped.

How to Enter:

Two steps.  First, Post the following line on any or all of your social medias:

“I totally want Isabela Powers’ super awesome handmade bookmarks,”

Second, come back here and post the link(s) to your social media so I can check it out and enter your name into the contest.

Easy peasy, right?

You can enter the contest more than once

How?  By posting on multiple social medias.  Each one will count as an entry.  Better yet, subscribing to my monthly Ezine (right here), if you haven’t already, earns you three additional entries.

So,what do I mean about multiple entries?  You know those raffle ticket prizes you can win at fundraisers, for example.  The more raffle tickets you place for one prize the higher your chance of winning.  Same concept.  Except, it’s your name that acts like the raffle ticket.

Now, let’s say you posted the line above on Facebook and Twitter, and you also subscribed to my Ezine.  This will earn you five entries: one for Facebook, one for Twitter, and three for your fabulous subscription.

A few things to note:

  1. Each social media counts as one entry. Posting five times on Facebook only counts as one entry, not five.
  2. You must post a link to your social media on this page in order for it to count as an entry.

You must use a valid email

You will need to enter an email address when posting your links on the comment section below.  Your email will not be publicly visible; it will only be visible to me.  And I just want to reiterate that your email will not be used for spamming purposes and will never be sold to third parties.  In addition, I will only be entering the name you use in the comment section into the random name picker, and not your email.

If you win, I will be contacting you via the email address you provide.  So, please use a valid email.  Once you have been contacted and the prizes delivered, all information, including email addresses, will be deleted and destroyed for your safety.

Finally, if you subscribe, I would like to suggest you use the same email to subscribe and to comment below.  If you wish to use different email addresses, please contact me at and let me know so that I award you the right number of entries.

Refer a friend

I totally understand if my stories aren’t your cup of tea.  But that shouldn’t stop you from racking up those three extra entries if you don’t want to subscribe.  Refer a friend who would be into my stories to earn those three extra entries.

What to do: Have your friend subscribe to my Ezine and be sure he or she mentions in the appropriate box in the subscription form that they were referred by you.

And you and your friend will earn the three additional entries.  Win, win, and win!

Start date and End Date

If you’re 1reading this, the contest has begun!

The contest will run from:

Saturday, March 18, 2017 to Saturday, April 1, 2017 12:00am Eastern Time.  (And no, that’s not an April Fool’s joke.)

The contest will run for approximately two weeks

The Announcement of the Winner

The winner will be chosen randomly via a random name picker.  Once the winner is chosen, I will announce the winner on both my website and on Facebook, and I will send the winner a congratulatory email.  Delivery information will be exchanged via email.

Note: Upon contacting the winner, the winner will have one week to answer.  If no answer is received in one week, a new name will be chosen via a random name picker.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

Good luck!

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