Hello and Welcome!

My name is Isabela Powers, author of the epic fantasy novel, The Dragon’s Prophecy.

So, what you can you expect to find on this page?

First, let me begin with a few facts.  A situation much like Fiona’s from Shrek, by day I am a high school math teacher, by night a writer.  Unlike Fiona, however, I don’t need true loves kiss to break this spell (Thank goodness!  I am an independent working girl, after all).  And because the Ultimate-Teacher-Gene runs in my blood, I can’t help but offer helpful advice and suggestions to anyone who will listen on how to live a fuller, creative, and healthy life.  And, of course, on how to use the FOIL method effectively.

Thus, you can expect to find helpful advice and suggestions on how to live a fuller, creative, and healthy life on this blog page, as well as the occasional lecture on the effective uses of a number of mathematical formulas.

Because yes, algebra is used every day.  Yes, yes it is.

Second, I also offer other kinds of free content, such as free stories, art, comics, and more free stories.  Free stories such as my fabulous first novel ever, The Dragon’s Prophecy.  You can click on the link in the navigational bar above to start reading it now.  Bond is another free story, unofficially published online.  You can click on the link to that story above to also start reading it for free.

I should warn you, however, that only the first few chapters are posted of each story.  To get new chapters delivered straight to your inbox (with no catch, price, or gimmicks), you can subscribe to my fabulous E-zine, where you’ll also enjoy art, comics, and bonus materials from me.  Go ahead and click on the lovely green button on the top right!

If you’re still iffy about subscribing, I totally understand. I’m pretty stingy with my email too. Spammers sure know how to invade our personal cyberspace. Thus:

You have my word of honor that I will respect your privacy and I will not use your email address for spamming purposes nor will I sell your email or any information you provide to any third parties.

If you still do not wish to subscribe, I will be updating my stories and blog on a monthly basis; you are more than welcome to stop by anytime to check for updates.

Nevertheless, I’m so glad you stopped by.  I sure do hope you enjoy my blog posts, and if you’ve subscribed (I’m so grateful!), my free stories.

Have a fabulous day, be safe, and stay AWESOME!

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